​Billy Smith’s Watermelons, Inc. (BSW) was established in 1992.  BSW ships watermelons from South Florida, Trenton (which is where the main facility is located), South Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Indiana and Missouri. Billy personally handles all sales and has done so for the entire time he has been in business. BSW is Primus certified at all locations and always strives to pack a superior product. BSW pays particular attention to detail; for example - brown lids on brown bins and white lids on white bins, and we pack exclusively on BLUE CHEP pallets.

Holton loves his first taste of watermelon!!

Refreshing and Delicious!

Ashtyn & Alivia Fuquay enjoying sweet Florida watermelon!

State certified scale on site (fees may apply)

Product packed on high quality CHEP pallets

Automated sorting calibrated by weight specifications